History of the building

The oldest reference to the building is found in the city archives of 1470. In 1553 there is a reference to an inn named den bonten Hand.
The front of the building most certainly dates from this period. The cellars however are a bit older, as they were used as storage rooms for all kinds of goods, which were transported along the canals, especially in the 15th century when the Spaniards were settling at the other side of the canal.

As from 1580 the building was used as a dwelling house. A  tailor lived and worked here. From 1820 till 1821 it was a baker, and as from 1826 a carpenter, who had his workshop here.

In 1860 the house is split in two separated houses and rented out as living quarters to military personnel.
In 1890 the two living quarters are totally renovated and are used from 1897 as a tobacco- and cigar factory. It stays a factory until 1906 when again renovations are executed.
The building reopens as a hotel named Venise du Nord in 1910.

During WWI, the German occupants turn the place into a casino for their officers.
After WWII it was once again set up as a hotel, but with a different name: The Bridge . This hotel closed in 1977.
From 1977 till 1982 the building remains unoccupied.

In 1982 the building gets a total renovation. May the 20th 1983 Hotel Ter Brughe**** is officially opened.

It is obvious that all the repairs and renovations during all these centuries are the reason why you will find different styles in the building.
The front of the building is, 16th century, while the windows on the ground and upper floors are more likely from 19th century.
And the present entrance with the upper fries was built in neo-gothic style.
The cellars date from the 15th century and looking at its construction, it seems the cellar under the right wing is the eldest.
The stairs are in Flemish renaissance style.

The hotel today is a protected building. It is a monument of Bruges and this leads to the fact that, in case of renovations, the structure of the building may not be changed. This is the reason why you won’t find an elevator in this hotel.